Must I Date A Colleague?

Fellas, there have been two forms of women you should never date: the neighbors as well as your work colleagues. Why? Since they know your geographical area plus they understand the place you function! This is simply not great when you date a woman and decide there’s really no a cure for you as a couple of.

There’s nothing worse than being forced to confront him/her each day at places that should be secure, calm and drama-free. Yes, you are likely to carry-on some torrid romance with a co-worker, nevertheless these relationships seldom work. Then you are forced to feel uneasy with this person.

In no time, you will dread hauling the sofa out of bed in the morning to attend any office, and you will think about finding a brand new job altogether.

For the time being, workplace romances cause distractions, resentments and a broad sense of disturbance into the workplace atmosphere. Sure, that hot gal in accounting might be providing you with the attention, but grab a pass. You are going to thank myself in the end.

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