Ensurg 400 Pro is a microcontroller-based model with all the required features. Total power output at low cost. This is the right model for the customers who needed a basic 400w microcontroller-based model.

Quick Reference
Power Digital:400 W.
Programs: NA.
Capability: All surgeries Top of the line model.

Technical Specification

Max Power:400W.
Display:7 Segment LED Digital.
Programs: NA.
Monopolar Cut Modes: Pure Cut, Blend1, Blend2, Endo Cut.
Monopolar Coagulation Modes :Spray, Dessicate, Fulgurate.
Bipolar Modes: Micro, Macro, Cut.
Tissue Response Circuit: Present.
Patient Plate Monitoring System: Present.
Dimension (WxHxD) & Weight :300 mm x 150 mm x 340 mm & 5.5 kg.