• A unique bubble generating system provides consistent and accurate delivery of CPAP to the patient.
  • Active mechanical Air oxygen blender FiO2 could be varied from 21% to 100%
  • A highly calibrated blender ensures an accurate % of oxygen delivered.
  • LED indicator to display the level of PEEP set to deliver to a patient.
  • High PEEP alarm and Low PEEP alarm for indication of PEEP levels.
  • Low Air / Oxygen alarm indications for indication of low input pressure.
  • Power failure alarm to alert the user or clinician.
  • A preset pressure manifold that releases the additional pressure ensures accurate delivery of the set pressure and safety to the patient.
  • Bubble generator with PEEP probe provides PEEP of 3 cmH2O to 10 cmH2O.
  • A bubble generator provides a convenient means to apply positive airway pressure, freeing the clinician to focus on patient care, not the device.
  • The overflow container in the bubble generator collects excess water which provides more time for the treatment by not letting the device stop for the collection of excess water.
  • Servo-controlled Humidifier with flow detection sensor provides humidity to the delivered gas of patient.
  • Invasive and Non-invasive mode of operation supports the patient based on their requirements and comfort.
  • Optimal humidity of greater than 33 mg/l promotes mucociliary clearance and reduces the
    work of breathing.
  • Strong SS stand with dovetail grooving for easy fixing of humidifier and accessories.
  • Disposable / Reusable heater wire circuits ensure the delivery of heated breathing gas to the patient.
  • Different types of patient interfaces like Nasal prongs, Nasal masks, Nasal T bar prongs & Nasal cannula are available to support the patient based on their convenience and comfort.