Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, Matrix EHO comes with extreme loads in any position. The modular structure enables it to be adapted to match the size of the patient and in no time at all, it can be equipped for any surgical discipline. With the characteristics of high automation low noise and high reliability, Matrix EHO can be regarded as an ideal electro-hydraulic operating table.

  • The need for operating tables with higher load capacity is increasing worldwide.
  • The extreme weight load capacity of 300 kg with the highest safety and stability.
  • Modular design tabletop tailored for various surgical discipline needs. The Easy click new mounting point enables the table to adapt to a wide variety of surgery and patient’s height. Waterproof design. Mattress
  • Standard override panel control makes the control safer.


Weight-Capacity Central Floor Locking of OT Table Manual Override
 Weight Capacity – 300 Kg  Central Floor Locking   Manual Override


Technical Data

 Length of Table  1900 mm
 Width of Table Top  520 mm
 Minimum Height (without Mattress)  Min. 750 mm
 Maximum Height (without Mattress)  Max. 1000 mm
 Trendelenburg  25°
 Reverse Trendelenburg  25°
 Lateral Tilt  ±20°
 Back Section  ±70°
 Head Section  ±60°
 Leg Section  0°-90°
 Floor Locking System  Center Floor Locking

Salient Features

  • Stainless Fitting – Detachable, head, leg & Pelvic section
  • In-built kidney bridge
  • Five Sectional Radio – Translucent Top.
  • The Base & Cover made of attractive, easy-to-clean Stainless Steel.
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step-less articulation of the Table Top for precise patient positioning.
  • Standby Battery backup with the recharging circuit.

 Table Positions

  • Height Adjustment – Up & Down
  • Lateral Tilt – Left & Right
  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Flex Position & Reflex Position