Shadowless Light, Memory Function, High-quality sterilizable handle suitable for Autoclave, Protective Fire-Resistant, Scratch-Proof ESG Safety Glass, Fast disinfection process, UV-Coated Transparent Glass protects UV and IR rays and improves light penetration. With special European design for ventilation of heat. The body is made of high-quality fire-resistant polymer

TECHNICAL DATA Double Dome LED OT Light (Solitaire 48+48)
Intensity 1,60,000 + 1,60,000 Lux
Shadowless Feature Yes
Numbers of LEDs 48 + 48
Intensity Control 10~100 Digital Capacitive Touch (Fully Remote Controlled)
Fitting Options Available Ceiling 180 Degree, Ceiling 360 Degree
Spot Diameter 100-150 mm
Depth of Light Penetration 150 mm
Colour Temperature 3800 – 4800 K
Colour Rendering Index 95 Ra
Focusing Adjustable
LED Average life >50000 Hrs.
Diameter of Light 700 mm + 700 mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz AC
Power Consumption 100 + 100 Watt
Optional Special Features Battery Backup