In line with the demands of the health institution and the user, features such as cost, technical services and quality are evaluated and a report including the proposals for the devices deemed appropriate is prepared. Demo studies of the devices are organized. Intensive careVentilators, PatientMonitors, ECG Device, Pulseoximeter, FetalMonitor, Injector & Infusion Pumps, Neonatal Incubators, Neonatal Phototherapy, Anesthesia Device, Surgical Lamp, Operating Table, All brands and models of Patientmonitor Accessories, ECG Device Accessories, Reusable spo2 Probe, Disposable spo2 Probe, Spo2 Intermediate Cables, Medical Heat Probes, ECG Cables Leads, Blood Pressure Jackets & Adapters, Invasive Cables, Medical Connectors and Sockets, EEG/EMG Cables, Oxygen & Flow Sensors, Toco & Us Probes, Disposable products, Nutrition sets, Pressure sets.